The Art of Eyebrows

Drawing Workshop

The Art of Eyebrows

Level of Learning: Beginner and Experienced Professionals

Duration: 2 days 

SCHB is now offering an innovative new course on drawing eyebrow shapes and styles. This is the first course of its kind in Australia and we are pleased to offer it at our Sydney training college.  Learn how to Design, Shape and Draw eyebrows in all different shapes and styles.

Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. The way they are shaped, and drawn can be used to make the eyes appear further apart or closer together and can convey different expressions, emotions and even fashion trends!

This course will teach you how to confidently draw eyebrows of all shapes and styles for both men and women of all backgrounds, as well as how to analyse face shapes to find the most appropriate eyebrow shape.

This course is ideal for:

  • experienced permanent makeup artists who want to refresh or build their skills
  • beginner permanent makeup artists who would like more confidence
  • professional makeup artists
  • amateur makeup artists
  • anyone who is considering a career in permanent makeup
  • illustrators/artists who would like to focus on eyebrow shapes
  • microblading students or professionals

This course runs for 2 days at the Sydney College of Hair and Beauty and covers the following lessons:

  • How to draw eyebrow hair strokes (direction and line thickness)
  • How to draw different eyebrow shapes
  • How to choose eyebrows for different face shapes

Our class sizes for this course are a minimum of 10 students. Once we receive the minimum amount of enrolments required to fill a class, we will schedule a course date.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.


 Course Cost: $990