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Level of Learning: Beginner or Advanced

Duration of Course: 1 Day Practical Training

 What is BB Glow? 

BB Glow is a form of mesotherapy similar to skin needling. A special cartridge is used to push serum into the dermis where is is absorbed into the skin.

What does it do?

BB Glow uses a serum with active ingredients that promote even skin tone and skin rejuvenation. The appearance of pores and age spots is significantly reduced and problem areas such as acne scarring is also improved.

Is it safe?

Yes. BB Glow serum does not contain any allergens, acids, or parabens. It is suitable for continued use. Sessions are recommended to be spaced 2-3 weeks apart to allow time for the skin to heal.

You will learn: 

  •   Hygiene and sterilisation
  •   Equipment setup
  •   Colour Selection
  •   Application of Topical anaesthetic creams
  •   Machine Technique of BB-Glow application
  •    Learn appropriate depth of needle penetration
  •    Aftercare

Because we want to make sure that you will complete our course as a fully trained and qualified cosmetic tattooist, we can provide you extra guaranteed time at no extra cost if you feel you are not yet confident enough or if you would need more practice.

Prerequisites: It is possible for participants with no medical or Beauty Therapy.

Course Cost:  $1500      

includes a starter kit and practice machine  

Interest Free Payment Plans Available

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$1500 over 12 months

26 Fortnightly Repayments of $58.76

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Payment Plans Available

Payment Plans

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