Full Beginners Course

Cosmetic Tattooing

Full Beginners Course : Cosmetic Tattooing

Level of Learning: Beginner

The aim of cosmetic tattoos is to improve one’s appearance with a long-lasting, beautiful and semi permanent effect. Whether it is for beautification purposes or to correct irregularities in one’s facial or body features, most definitely, cosmetic tattoos can be a huge help. With the help of Sydney College of Hair and Beauty, you can learn the basics and gain qualifications through our Full Beginners Course in Cosmetic Tattooing.

There is a huge demand for professional cosmetic tattooists around the world. With your new expertise, you will be able to help people achieve the look they have always wanted with a quick and simple cosmetic procedure. We will teach you the basics and everything you need to know to expand your knowledge in cosmetic tattooing and to open the door to more career opportunities in this field. Our expert trainer, complete curriculum and the latest equipment would make learning an even more exciting and fulfilling experience.

The Full Beginners Course in Cosmetic Tattooing runs with the following schedule:

  • Online Training Manual to be completed at home before your in class training begins
  • 1 day in class where you will learn the principles and safe practices of Cosmetic Tattooing
  • 2-3 days in class of practical hands-on training

The course includes design and performance of the following:

  • Eyebrow Tattooing and Shaping
  • Lipliner Tattooing
  • Eyeliner Tattooing
  • Beauty Spot Tattooing

You will learn:

  • Hygiene and sterilisations
  • Equipment setup and operation
  • Needle techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Colour Selection
  • Application of Topical anaesthetic creams
  • Aftercare

In addition to what you can learn during the training sessions, students will also be enjoying the following perks:

  • Supplies and materials will be provided by the college (tattoo kit is not included, you may use college kits)
  • You will be trained using PUREBEAU medical grade equipment
  • One on one teaching to guarantee a personal and student focused training session to suit individual learning.  For salons who are booking training for more than one staff member we can offer a maximum of 3 students per class.
  •  Access to ongoing support from your trainer once your course has been completed
  •  Student discounts on our products and tools
  •  Flexibility to add additional modules of learning to tailor your training course

PUREBEAU professional tattoo kit is not included in the course cost but can be purchased separately, please enquire for prices. Because we want to make sure that you will complete our course as a fully trained and qualified cosmetic tattooist, we can provide you extra guaranteed time at no extra cost if you feel you are not yet confident enough or if you would need more practice.


It is possible for participants with no medical or Beauty Therapy to complete this course.

Course Cost $3800

Additional Training Modules

Add Full Lip Colour Technique ……………………………….. $500

Add Eyebrow Microblading Technique …………………… $500