Microblading / Eyebrow Feathering

Hairstroke Technique

Microblading/Eyebrow Feathering



Level of Learning: Beginner or Advanced

Duration of Beginners Course: 1 Day Practical Training

Duration of Advanced Course: 2 Days Practical Training

Though makeup trends change every now and then, one of the few things that stay the same is the need for amazing looking eyebrows. Drawing perfect eyebrows takes a lot of time and effort that’s why a lot of women turn to eyebrow tattooing. You can now widen your knowledge and expertise as you expand the services you can offer to your clients with Sydney College of Hair and Beauty’s short course on Microblading & Eyebrow Feathering.

Unlike the traditional block eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow feathering offers a more natural look as very fine lines are carefully drawn on the skin so that it may blend in with the existing hair. The lines can be drawn in multiple colours to create a realistic look of depth. There are two main methods used to achieve this hair stroke effect:


  • Microblading – This is where a blade is used to make many ‘hairline’ cuts on the surface of the skin. The pigment is then introduced into the cuts, and the skin heals over the pigment. This technique is done by hand, with no machines required
  • Traditional Tattooing – This technique uses the same principal as above but a tattoo machine is used to draw the lines into the skin, and apply the pigment at the same time.


Beginners: The beginners course teaches you the basic methods to perfectly achieve the best colour and shape of the eyebrows through eyebrow microblading only. Great for students who are starting out on a budget.

Teaches: Manual Microblading Technique

Duration : 1 day of practical training

Live Models : 2



Advanced: Our Advanced course teaches both the manual technique as well as the use of a tattoo machine. With this added knowledge, you can cater to more clients who are looking for a particular style of permanent eyebrow makeup.

Teaches: Manual Microblading Technique & Machine Hairstroke Technique

Duration : 1 day of practical training

Live Models : 4



Additional Modules: We also offer optional additional training modules with these courses. You can choose to also learn Ombre brow microshading (also known as magic brow) which can be done alone or combined with microblading techniques to give a stunning result. This module can be added to both the beginners and the advanced training courses.

You will learn: 

  •   Brow Shaping and Design
  •   Hygiene and sterilisation
  •   Equipment setup
  •   Colour Selection
  •   Application of Topical anaesthetic creams
  •   Manual Hand Technique of Microblading
  •   Machine Technique of Eyebrow Feathering (Advanced Course Only)
  •    Learn appropriate depth of cut, pressure and style
  •    Aftercare

Because we want to make sure that you will complete our course as a fully trained and qualified cosmetic tattooist, we can provide you extra guaranteed time at no extra cost if you feel you are not yet confident enough or if you would need more practice.

Prerequisites: It is possible for participants with no medical or Beauty Therapy.



Beginners Course Cost:  $1900        |       Advanced Course Cost: $2500

Additional Training Modules

Add Ombre Microshading Technique (aka magic brow) —-  $300