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5 Reasons Why Cosmetic Tattooing is Better Than Microblading

Fresh Microblading looks amazing there’s no denying that! And there are plenty of scary looking eyebrow tattoo’s that would look right at home in a prison yard. So it comes as no surprise that microblading is a far more popular service than cosmetic tattooing is. 8 times out of 10 when I have a new client booking my brow services, they request microblading over cosmetic tattooing. Cosmetic Tattooing seems to have picked up a bad reputation along the way, but that assumption is completely wrong and in fact, I’m going to argue that cosmetic tattooing is BETTER than microblading!

And here’s why:

1 – There are just as many bad microblading artists as there are bad cosmetic tattooing artists. In fact, I think there are more. Microblading supplies are pretty cheap to purchase, and there are tons of online tutorials available, so there are far more amateur microblading artists. By comparison, cosmetic tattooing requires a larger outlay to purchase the equipment needed, so the person purchasing the equipment is far more likely to be making a serious investment in their art.

2 – It’s less damaging to the skin.

Microblades are a row of needles, stacked on a 45-degree angle. The needles are then dragged through the skin to create the hair strokes. You can even hear the scraping sound as the microblade is cutting through the skin. Due to the way a cosmetic tattoo needle moves up and down into the skin’s surface, it is creating less trauma and damage to the skin than microblading does. This leads to less chance of scarring.

why cosmetic tattooing is better than microblading
why cosmetic tattooing is better than microblading

3 – It will last longer

Cosmetic tattooing just lasts longer than microblading will. This is due to the way that the pigment is implanted into the skin with the up and down movement of the needle, and a more even pigment distribution.

4 – It looks just as good or better than microblading

Cosmetic tattooing has come a long way over the last 15 years and gone are the days of blocky square brow tattoos. If you love the look of microblading – find a brow artist who offers hair stroke tattooing rather than microblading.

Combination brows is a great blending of both hair strokes and shading to create a natural and enhanced brow, that will last much longer than microblading.

With the diverse range of high-quality pigments now available there is no excuse for bad blocky brows that turn blue as they age.

5 – Gets a better result on difficult skin types

When I have a client who is over 50 I always recommend choosing cosmetic tattooing over microblading. Why? As we age our skin becomes thinner and more fragile. It’s far less damaging and for older skin to opt for cosmetic tattooing (see point 2). It’s also going to be much easier to implant the pigment into other more difficult skin types that often reject the colour such as oily skin & sun-damaged skin.

So to sum up cosmetic tattooing is better than microblading because :

1 – There are just as many, if not more bad microblading artists than cosmetic tattooing artists.

2 – It’s less damaging to the skin.

3 – It will last longer than microblading

4 – It looks just as good, or even better than microblading

5 – Gets a better result on difficult skin types


What’s your experience with cosmetic tattooing versus microblading? And let me know in the comments if there are any other topics you would like info on.

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