COURSE 12 : Areola Tattoo Course

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COURSE 12 : Areola Tattooing


Cost : $2000 (includes a starter kit with a FREE tattoo device) or from $20 per week with payment plan  Apply Now

Duration : 2 Days

Live Models: dependant on availability. Additional fees apply.

Teaches :  colour/ size adjustment, scar camouflage, complete nipple simulation

What is Areola Tattooing?

The areola is a circular area of skin surrounding the nipple. This area is often darker than the surrounding skin. Many different factors can cause the areola to change colour or shape. Some clients may have had a masectomy or a breast reduction resulting in removal of the existing nipple or scarring around or on the areola. Breastfeeding is also known to effect the areola colour and shape. 

Clients can be experiencing emotional distress as a result of feeling that their breasts and nipples are not as they once were. Areola tattooing can help clients to feel comfortable in their own skin again.

The techniques taught in the Areola tattooing course include:

• colour & size adjustment

• scar camouflage

• complete areola and nipple simulation

The process is similar to regular body art tattooing except areola tattooing is designed to appear natural and look as realistic as possible. Colours for areola tattooing as specially selected and blended to match the clients skin tones and are applied using special techniques that are not used by traditional body art tattooists. The treatment area is numbed prior to the areola tattooing application for the clients comfort. 

Areola Tattooing is suitable for the following candidates:


• Breast Cancer Survivors

• Anyone who has experienced trauma to the nipple area

• Uneven or Unsymmetrical Nipples

Course Overview

This intensive two day Areola Tattooing course is a comprehensive introduction to areola tattooing. It is taught in person, with hands on training. This allows our students to gain experience working with high quality equipment and products. It covers the following topics:

Shape and design

 Safety and hygienic practices

Set up and operation of tattooing device

 Colour selection and mixing

 Client consultation and consent

 Different tattooing techniques

Before and after photography

 Aftercare procedures

What to Expect

Before your areola tattooing course begins we will send you a learners guide. You should read through the guide and familiarise yourself with the content before arriving at the college for your course. The course is taught on latex moulds and no live models are included with exception of availability at the time of enrolment. If live models are available, there is an additional fee for materials and administration.

The areola tattooing course fee includes a complementary starter kit with a FREE cosmetic tattooing device.

areola tattooing course
areola tattooing course
areola tattooing course

What Our Students Say:

Student : Simone N.

” I found the areola course fascinating & the techniques taught were clear. Zara is an amazing teacher and I look forward to being able to create beautiful areolas for my clients. “

02 / 03 / 2020

Areola Tattoo Module : COURSE  7


Model : Kitty J.

‘ Very good service. Zara was lovely and did an amazing job on my eyebrows. Her student Emily was really great as well. She had an amazing eye and helped measure up my eyebrows perfectly – Thank You!

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a college first and foremost – not a salon
  • Access to ongoing mentorship
  • Access to high quality German made equipment
  • Experienced master trainer with inside tips and tricks
  • Flexible course content and training timetables
  • Access to industry opportunities
  • Return at any time for a refresh
  • Interest free payment plans available
  • Our reputation is outstanding


Areola Tattooing Course Kit Includes a FREE Cosmetic Tattooing Device

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