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What to Expect After Microblading


If it is your first time having microblading treatment on your brows or your first time microblading on a client it can be nerve wracking not knowing what to expect.

Here’s a short guide on what to expect and how to care for healing brows. Most importantly :

  • Do not pick at healing scabs
  • keep the area moist with antibacterial cream such as bepanthen
  • Avoid long showers, public pools, and saunas
  • Stay out of direct sunlight

Here’s a short guide on what to expect and how to care for your healing brows.


Day 1

Tender to touch and quite dark. There may be some redness and swelling. Dab any excess weeping and oils firmly. This will also help to push the pigment into the skin where you want it to stay. Do not rub or wash the area. apply (sealer) or antibacterial cream as directed by your brow tech.

healing after microblading

Day 2 – 4

Tender to touch – there may be some swelling still but the redness should have subsided at this point. Remember to keep the area moist with antibacterial cream or sealer if your tech has provided it to you. do not rub the area and avoid soaps and cleansers.

microblading healing

Day 5 – 7

Scabbing will start to form and you may experience some itching. Do not scratch! Do not rub or pick at the scabbing. It will look quite dark at this point.


what happens after microblading

Day 7-9

Super itchy. Do not scratch! You can take antihistamine if need be. Scabbing will start to flake off naturally. Do not ‘help’ the process as you may pull pigment out of the skin.

Day 10-12

Where did the colour go? Don’t freak out – it’s still healing and this lightening is a normal part of the process. The brows will darken again before the healing is complete.


what is normal healing after microblading

Day 13 – 14

They’re back! Brows should be starting to darken towards their final colour.


what to expect after microblading

After day 14 your brows should be healed enough to resume normal activities however you should keep in mind that proper care will prolong your brows. It is best to minimise sun exposure or be sure to use an SPF to minimise pigment loss.

Touch Ups :

If you notice that you are missing large patches of your brows are not as dark as you like  a touch up can be made at aprox 30 days after the initial treatment. This extra time allows for the colours to settle as well as the skin to heal properly. It is important to wait this long so as to avoid additional trauma to the skin as well as accidental over pigmentation as it can take some time to see the final brow colour.

With proper care your brows should last between 9-18 months.

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