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Eyebrow Tattooing : Realism


The next trend in Permanent Makeup Applications


There is no doubt that eyebrow tattooing is a trend that is here to stay. Gone are the days of blocky jail-yard eyebrow tattoos as modern PMU techniques allow for a high level of realism to be created with eyebrow tattooing. Great eyebrow tattooing now involves using up to 3 colours or more with very precise linework and shading. This style is referred to as realism by body tattoo artists. Realism sets the pro’s apart form the amateur PMU artists.


Take a look at the examples below to see the difference in styles and appearance when we compare realism to more common cosmetic tattooing techniques.



Combination Brows Cosmetic Tattooing


uses 1-2 colours

uses Microblading and powder brow techniques

Cosmetic Tattooing Eyebrow Realism


uses 3 colours

uses cosmetic tattooing techniques only

This style of eyebrow realism is also often referred to as M brow or W brow. The defining characteristics of this brow style include – fluffier looking brow hairs, hair strokes that cross over each other  (unlike microblading) giving a more natural looking appearance, and softer brow edges (particularly the arch and tail of the brow).

There are numerous advantages to choosing this realism eyebrow style over the more common and traditional combination brows.

Cosmetic tattooing in general is far less damaging to the clients skin than microblading. If you are curious to know why check out my previous article : 5 reasons why cosmetic tattooing is better than microblading

Choosing eyebrow tattooing also has the added benefit of increased pigment retention when compared to microblading. As a result there are fewer touchups required. It is a great choice for clients who have sensitive, or ageing skin as it is a far gentler process than microblading . Eyebrow realism specifically is a great choice for clients who have little to no eyebrow hair and want to keep a truly natural looking brow.

Mastering this technique however is a much more difficult task. In order to master the eyebrow realism style of PMU you must first master your dermograph (cosmetic tattoo machine) and truly understand how to choose your needle speed and hand speed to suit the design you are creating.

The advantages of choosing realism eyebrow tattooing include:

  • Ideal for clients with little to no hair
  • Extremely natural looking
  • Better pigment retention than microblading
  • Less touchups needed
  • Greater control over hair stroke appearance, and depth of colour
  • Looks more three dimensional than microblading
  • Less chance of scarring
  • Suitable for older skin and sensitive skin
  • Hairstrokes are more defined after healing process is complete

Interested in taking your PMU to the next level? Get in touch with us and register your interest in learning this realism style of eyebrow tattooing.

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