Microblading Qualifications In Australia

The truth about government recognized microblading qualifications


One of the most common questions I get asked all the time from our students and potential students is ‘do you offer government-recognized microblading qualifications?’. Every time I get asked this question I have to give the same answer. There is no such thing as a government-recognized microblading qualification in Australia.

This is because of the way that RTO training organizations are structured and bound by regulations regarding the units of competency they can teach. If a college is an RTO (registered training organization) with the Australian Government they are obligated to only teach complete units of competency. Meaning it is not possible to receive a niche qualification like microblading from an RTO.

With regards to permanent makeup, RTO’s are only able to provide the government-recognized qualification of Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing SHBBKS003 and not for microblading. This qualification covers three of the following areas of application:

  1. Eyebrow tattooing
  2. Areola Tattooing
  3. Lip Tattooing
  4. Eyeliner Tattooing

Microblading does not exist as a unit of competency and you will not be able to find any RTO that provides microblading qualifications. What is important to note as a student or potential student is that you do not need a government-recognized qualification in permanent makeup to provide it as a service. This is a common misconception in the industry by newcomers and professionals as well.

Below I’m going to list exactly what you DO need to become a microblading or cosmetic tattooing artist in Australia according to legal requirements.

  • Infection control certificate SHBBINF001
  • A statement of attainment from an experienced artist who holds a current TAE certification
  • Insurance 
  • Premises that are registered for skin penetration with the local council

1 – Infection control certificate SHBBINF001

If you are planning to become a cosmetic tattooing or microblading artist you must have or obtain an infection control certificate. This must be issued by an RTO. There are a few free online versions of this course now available – have a look and see what you can find.

If you have a diploma in beauty therapy or a health care service you may already have this qualification. Check your units of competency in your existing qualification to find out.

2 – Certification from an experienced artist who holds a current TAE 

TAE stands for Training and Assessment and anyone who wishes to be a trainer in Australia is required to hold this certification.

As recently as 2020 there have been updates to the curriculum that is covered in TAE certifications. Be sure to check that your trainer’s qualifications are up to date before committing to any enrolment, as if your trainer’s qualification is not valid then the certificates they are handing out are not valid either.

3 – Insurance

If you are employed by a salon, the salon will need to make sure that they are covered to provide cosmetic tattooing or microblading services. If you are operating as a sole trader (working for yourself) you will need to take out your own professional indemnity insurance, as well as public liability if you are opening a home salon or retail space.

4 – Premises

To provide your services to the public you will need a suitable space to work in. Whether this is a room rented in an existing salon, or if you are setting up a home studio you will need to notify the local council in the area of your operations and ensure that your premises meet their standards. See this leaflet for more information on what is required.

At SCHB we are experts in navigating the industry requirements for permanent makeup, and we have students from all different career backgrounds who we mentor and guide into their new career. Some of our students have previous experience in the beauty or tattooing industry, and some others may be lawyers or stay-at-home mums who are wanting to kickstart a new career with flexible hours and a high return on their time spent working.

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So if you’re curious about a career in cosmetic tattooing or microblading, get in touch with us and find out how we can help you achieve your goals!

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