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Our college is run by Master Trainer Zara who has over 25 years of international experience.  All procedures done during training are guided and assisted by our trainers. We strive to ensure that all our models are completely satisfied with the end results. Signing up to be a model is a great way to get high quality services and treatments for a fraction of the cost.

** All models for eyebrow tattooing/microblading must have natural eyebrows with no previous tattooing. All models must be over 18 and under 50 years old.

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“Treatment was relatively painless. Lots of focus on getting all the strokes correct. The colour turned out amazing and a very natural look. All therapists were gentle and calming which made the experience great.”

Christina Z.

Sydney college of hair and beauty ! SAVED MY BROWS!! Zara is amazing the level of skill she offers her students is incredible, I had previously had microbalding completed at a different none related shop around 4 months ago and they ruined my brows I had one pointy one round and a very undesirable color however after leaving sara and her student emma who I was a model for all I can say is more people need to see you, I thought I would be stuck with ugly eye brows forever but you saved them and made them more than I could have asked for ♡♡♡♡ thanks again Zara !! “

Jamie M.

Great and friendly service. Attention to detail is very good. Teacher is very knowledgeable with product and conducted lesson well. Very happy with service provided today. Highly Recommended.

Khanthamala G.

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