Why choose us for your training?

Here at SCHB we pride ouselves on providing the best possible training for our students. We want you to feel confident in your skills and to create long successful careers once you leave our college.

You might even recognise some of our students from thier reputation in the permanent makeup market industry today! Check out the work and careers of just some of our graduates:

Previous Students training
Microblading Training

Aman Kalsi – Skin Artistry 

Aman has been a student of ours since 2016 and has completed many of our training courses including eyeliner, eyebrow feathering, lip liner & full lip colour. She is also one of the few PMU artists in NSW who is qualified in scalp micropigmentation.

Wow Brows Student
Previous Students training

Sadaf Kasemi – Wow Browz

Sadaf joined our college in 2014 and has always been active in our ongoing workshops and events. Sadaf has since been working hard at building her own business name and reputation. She is truly passionate about all things eyebrows!

Wow Brows Student
Previous Students training

Kelly Innes – Gingerella Rox

Kelly has visited our college several times for training across many areas. She is a pioneer for great eyebrows in Perth WA and we are proud to say that we have helped her on her way. We have also trained her senior brow artist Abbie. Kelly’s salon is also the first in Perth to offer fibroblast skin tightening!

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