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COURSE 7 : Para Medical Courses

Cosmetic Tattooing for Medical Applications
Areola Cosmetic Tattoo Course

COURSE 7 : Para Medical Courses


Cost : from $1000

Duration : 1 – 4 Days

Choose from a selection of different medical cosmetic tattoo courses. Each module can be added to any other course you are enrolling into or can be completed as a single unit.


Scalp Micropigmentation Course

Cost : $4500

Duration : 3 days (over 1 month)

Scalp Micropigmentation is suitable for clients suffering from Alopecia, hereditary hair loss , as well as thinning hair. It is a process of simulating hair follicles using cosmetic tattooing. The most popular style of scalp micropigmentation amongst men is a shaved effect, and the most popular style amongst women is a density effect.

Scar Camouflage Course

Cost : $2000

Duration : 1 day

Scar Camouflage is a type of cosmetic tattooing that is performed to correct skin pigmentation which has occurred as a result of scar tissue forming. This treatment is suitable for anyone who has scars as a result of surgical incisions or injury. Scar camouflage is often performed along with scalp micropigmentation to correct scaring as a result of hair transplants. 

Areola Tattooing Course

Areola Tattoo Course

Cost : $1000

Duration : 1 day

Areola Cosmetic Tattooing is ideal for clients who have undergone a mastectomy and/or breast reconstruction. It can also be performed for clients who would like to correct asymmetry in size, shape, or colour of nipples. Areola tattooing is often taught in addition to the scar camouflage course.


What is Para Medical Cosmetic Tattooing?

Para medical cosmetic tattooing refers to any form of cosmetic tattooing that assists in the recovery or treatment of a medical condition. Common conditions which can be assisted by cosmetic tattooing include :

  • Alopecia (hair loss or lack of hair growth)
  • Mastectomy patients who are undergoing reconstruction
  • Surgical Scars
  • Eyebrow Enhancement (for chemotherapy patients)


Course Overview

These intensive courses cover the following content:

  •  Safety and hygiene practices
  •  Colour selection and mixing
  •  Client consultation and contraindications
  •  Tattooing  application techniques
  •  Before and after photography
  •  Aftercare procedures


What to Expect

Before your para medical tattooing course begins we will send you a learners guide. You should read through the guide and familiarise yourself with the content before arriving at the college for your course. All courses include a cosmetic tattooing starter kit and course information. Course prices do not include the purchase of a cosmetic tattooing device. We have many devices available for purchase at our college. We recommend that students try our machines before purchase to make sure they are happy with their selection.


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Payment Plans

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