Beginners Microblading Course

Microblading Course

Beginners Microblading Course


Cost : $2500 up front or $25 per week   Apply Now

Duration : 1 Day in-person practical training

+ online learning module

Live Models: 2 live models

Teaches :  Manual hairstroke technique for eyebrows


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that mimics the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. The difference between microblading and cosmetic tattooing is that microblading is done without the use of a tattoo machine. A small nano blade is used to make hairline cuts on the surface of the skin. Special pigment is pushed into the cuts, just under the skins surface. With proper care microblading can last up to 2 years.

What to Expect from the Microblading Course?

Before your in person training begins, you will be expected to complete the online training and assessments to a satisfactory level. Once you have enrolled into the microblading course, we will send you your login information, as well as your practice kit. The first few modules of the microblading course do not require any use of the practice kit so you can get started right away while you wait for your kit to arrive.

After you have completed and passed all assessments and exams in the online microblading course modules, you can schedule your in-person training for supervised practice on live models.

If you would like to schedule your practical training ahead of time, we would recommend allowing a week to complete the online training and practice. This additional time also gives you time to think of any specific questions or areas you would like to focus on with the trainer.


Course Content

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Microblading Course  Kit from SCHB

Microblading Course


  • 1 x brow pencil (brown or black)
  • 1 x razor
  • 1 x brow razor
  • 10 x mascara wand
  • 2 x multi use blade holder
  • 5 x blade #9 (0.18mm)
  • 5 x blade #14 (0.18mm)
  • 5 x blade #14 U
  • 5 x blade #3 shading
  • 3 x 3.5mm brow pigment
  • 1 x pigment cup holder
  • 1 bag of pigment cups – assorted sizes
  • 25 x pigment rings
  • 1 x brow stencil practice skin
  • 1 x brow outline practice skin
  • 1 x brow ruler (flexi)

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a college first and foremost – not a salon
  • Access to ongoing mentorship
  • Access to high quality German made equipment
  • Experienced master trainer with inside tips and tricks
  • Flexible course content and training timetables
  • Access to industry opportunities
  • Return at any time for a refresh
  • Affordable payment plans available
  • Our reputation is outstanding



Student : Emily W.

‘ I had held off doing cosmetic tattooing because I was scared, but after years of creating a loyal client base of brow clients for waxing, tinting, & makeup I decided I needed to come and take this course because my clients kept asking me for this tattooing service. I chose SCHB because of Zara. When I called to ask questions prior to booking , nothing was too much trouble. I felt totally comfortable during my course and I know that she passed on all her knowledge & she wont hesitate to help me if I ever need to contact her. ‘

Course 1 : Beginners Microblading


Model : Kitty J.

‘ Very good service. Zara was lovely and did an amazing job on my eyebrows. Her student Emily was really great as well. She had an amazing eye and helped measure up my eyebrows perfectly – Thank You!’

Microblading Model


Students Work:

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Payment Plans

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