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Meet Zara Naderi,

our master trainer and founder.  Zara has over 30 years of experience working in the cosmetic tattoo industry and has owned 6 beauty salons across Sydney. Her background is Persian & she is fluent in both English & Farsi. After immigrating to Australia from Iran in 1981, Zara has made it her mission to support other women in the beauty industry.

Each year Zara travels the globe to different conferences and training workshops to learn the latest techniques and trends in permanent makeup. Our students can take advantage of her wealth of knowledge  and industry experience. This knowledge is extremely valuable in learning how to navigate all the challenges of the beauty industry. Zara’s mentorship can guide you through the process of learning and setting up your business.

    2008 – TIHA (The Institute of Hair & Aesthetics)

  • Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Laser & Light Therapies
    2016 – Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute

  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
    2011 – Northern Beaches Community College

  • Graduate Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light & Laser Hair Reduction
    2016 – Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute

  • Certificate in Areola Tattooing
    2014 – Purebeau Academy Germany

  • Certificate in Scalp Micropigmentation
    2014 Purebeau Academy Germany

  • Certificate Master Trainer
    2012 Purebeau Academy Germany

  • CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE – Advanced Eyebrow Master Class
    2016 Goldeneye Micropigmentation UK

  • Certificate of Achievement
    2016 David Brow Art

  • Certificate in Skin Needling
    2016 Purebeau Academy Germany

  • Certificate of Attendance – MICROBLADING MANUAL TECHNIQUE

  • Certificate of Attendance  – Laser Tattoo Removal
    2014 FUSS beauty college

  • Statement of Attainment – Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattooing SIBBSKS504A
    2012 Mask Academy

  • Statement of Attainment -Maintain Infection Control Standards in Office Practice Settings HLTIN402B
    2012 Mask Academy
Cosmetic Tattoo Trainer

Meet Tegan Naderi,

Zara’s daughter-in-law, & cosmetic tattooing protegé. Tegan has worked at SCHB since 2016 and has been involved in all areas of the college operations, from administration work through to course design & delivery.

Tegan has a background in the fashion industry and has worked for some of Australias most well known designers including Dion Lee & Romance Was Born. With a keen eye for aesthetics and design it was a natural progression for Tegan to begin cosmetic tattooing as well.

She currenty operates her own tattoo studio from 2 different locations as well as teaching eyebrow microblading and cosmetic tattooing at the college.  Tegan is responsible for designing and managing our online courses and is qualified to teach the following courses : Beginners Microblading, Advanced Eyebrows, Skin Needling & BB Glow, Plasma Fibrolift Skin Tightneing.

    TIHA (The Institute of Hair & Aesthetics)
  • Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing SHBBSK003
    Sydney Beauty Dermal Institute
  • Maintain Infection Control Standards SHBBINF001
    Sydney Beauty Dermal Institute
  • Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing for Eyebrows Statement of Attainment
  • Lip Liner & Full Lip Cosmetic Tattooing Statement of Attainment
  • BB Glow & Skin Needling Statement of Attainment
    SCHB 2020
  • Purebeau Fibroblast Artist Statement of Attainment
    Purebeau Australia, 2019
  • FIBROLIFT™ Plasma Skin Tightening Artist
    Fibrolift™ Australia
  • Purebeau Fibroblast Artist Statement of Attainment
    Purebeau Australia, 2019
    Ultimo TAFE 2009-2011
    CATC 2007-2008
    Cosmetic Tattoo Trainer

    Meet Deborah Allen,

    senior trainer at SCHB, Deborah has been working with our team since 2018 as a consultant & trainer. Deborah has an extensive background in beauty education, having previously worked as the Director of Education at Fuss Beauty College. 

    Deborah now teaches part-time with us, as an expert in Laser Tattoo Removal, and IPL Skin Rejuvenation.

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