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Introducing Lip Mesotherapy

A lip plumping alternative to injectable lip fillers 

As beauty trends go, lip fillers have been the most popular enhancement of the last 5 years. But along with beauty trends come the extremes of each and I’m sure we have all seen our share of over-filled lips that just look…. Uncomfortable.

So how can we keep up with this latest lip plumping trend without falling into the trap of overfilling? Introducing the latest in lip plumping treatments, lip mesotherapy! Lip mesotherapy is a great alternative to lip fillers without the risks and potential complications that come with traditional lip filler injections.

Many women will constantly need to top up their fillers as they stretch out the lip skin, leading to wrinkly looking lips when the filler is no longer there. There is also the possible complications of bruising, allergic reaction, lip asymmetry, the filler hardening into lumps, or the filler migrating outside of the lip border. Statistics show that up to 60% of clients with lip fillers will experience unwanted filler migration. And let me tell you from experience that getting lip fillers dissolved is far far more painful than having the filler done in the first place.

Lip mesotherapy has none of these complications and is also suitable for clients who have allergies to fillers, injection/needle phobias, and clients who don’t want that overfilled swollen lip look that comes with traditional lip fillers.

Lip Filler with Unwanted Migration.

lip filler complications

Lip Mesotherapy Before & After

Lip Mesotherapy

So what exactly is Lip Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment that has been around for years and is often used in conjunction with skin needling to stimulate collagen growth and infuse serums deeper into the skin than just applying them topically.

Lip mesotherapy is a specialised mesotherapy treatment designed for treating the lip itself as well as the upper lip to target smokers lines, smile lines, and to promote plumper more youthful skin.

A special needle-less cartridge is used to deliver hyaluronic acid deep into the skins surface. The treatment can be combined with light skin needling to further promote collagen growth and for a deeper product infusion, but it can also be carried out without using any needles at all.

The hyaluronic acid used during the lip mesotherapy leaves the skin hydrated and plumped, making it an ideal treatment for anyone who suffers from chapped dry lips, as well as leaving the skin plumped and rejuvenated.

The added bonus of lip mesotherapy is that it stimulates your bodies natural collagen growth, leading to long term fullness that your body builds itself.

Who can provide lip mesotherapy treatments?

There is more good news as Lip meaotherapy does not use lip fillers. Lip fillers are only available to be purchased by prescription from an overseeing doctor, making them more expensive to provide and restricting their use to practitioners who hold a nursing degree that allows them to provide injectables. Instead, Lip meaotherapy uses hyaluronic acid, which is a common skin care ingredient and is also a product our body produces itself naturally. So there is no need for prescriptions and special qualifications to provide the treatment. And there is no risks of allergy for the client.

Here at SCHB We’ve put together a one day intensive course that teaches everything you need to know to provide lip meaotherapy to your clients. To learn more about the course visit the course page here >> 

Got a question? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer you!

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About the Author

Tegan Naderi is a long-time team member of SCHB and is mentored by Zara. She is a cosmetic tattoo artist and owner of VIP Brows, specialising in machine hair stroke tattooing. Tegan is also one of the cosmetic tattoo trainers and the SCHB online course creator.

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