What are needle free fillers?

OK so this sounds too good to be true right? Fillers without any needles?

Is this some kind of magic?

Believe it or not the needle free technology that these Hyaluron pens use has been around for quite some time! Hyaluron pens use a method of injection that was originally created back in the 1950’s. It was designed to administer vaccinations in developing countries safely and easily while eliminating the risk associated with using needles and transferring blood borne diseases. These days it is still commonly used by diabetics to inject insulin without having to carry around needles and dispose of them in sharps containers.


So how the heck does it work?

Needle free hyaluron pen devices use Hyaluronic Acid Filler. Rather than the traditional method of injectables the Hyaluron Pen completely eliminates the use of needles. Instead the pen uses compressed air to ‘shoot’ the  filler into the epidermis.

The filler is decanted into a single use ampule (like a mini-syringe). The ampule has a tiny nano sized hole at its tip – this is where the filler comes out.

The ampule then screws into the Hyaluron Pen. The pen is used to create the air pressure that ‘fires’ the filler into the skin.

    Hyaluron Pen
    Needle Free Fillers

    Is it safe?

    Yes! One of the things that makes the Hyaluron Pen so appealing is how easy to use and how quickly you can perform needle free filler treatments. Of course you should always research the manufacturer that you choose to buy from before purchasing a device. It I best to purchase from a reputable manufacturer that offers quality control standards as well as warranty for the device.

    At the college we are training using the Ideal Hyaluron Pen – This device is manufactured in Germany and is a medical grade device. It comes with CE certification as well as a 2 year warranty. These are important things to look for when deciding which manufacturer to purchase from.

    The device itself is specially designed to use just the right amount of air pressure to shoot the filler into the papillary layer of the dermis and no deeper than that.

    ** Be wary of any manufacturers that claim that their device can be used near the eye area or on the forehead. The skin in these areas is much thinner than the skin on the cheeks and lips so the pen could damage important nerves around the eyes and could even lead to blindness. **

    Hyaluronic Acid Filler is made from Hyaluronic Acid (surprise!). This is a substance that naturally exists in your body already – it is inside your bones and muscles. This type of filler is semi-permanent as is gradually breaks down and is processed by the bodies natural lymphatic system.

    As long as you follow the correct use with the device you have chosen there is a minimal risk of any complications.

    Where can it be used?

    The Hyaluron Pen is most commonly used to apply lip fillers but it can also be used to treat nasolabial folds and can also be used with serums for mesotherapy treatment on the cheek area.

    As I just mentioned above – be wary of any devices that claim you can use them near the eye area or the forehead. There are many important nerves in these areas that you do not want to damage.

    Needle Free Fillers

    Treatment Time

    You can numb the treatment area before applying needle free fillers however it is not necessary for everyone as the treatment itself is fast and relatively pain free. Numbing time depends on the topical anaesthetic you choose to use – anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

    The treatment itself is very fast to perform. It takes around 20 minutes to perform lip fillers on a client.


    There are some great benefits from using this device over traditional fillers that are applied using a needle.

    • Suitable for clients who are scared of needles
    • No sharps disposal needed
    • No risk of using needles
    • Suitable for clients with low pain tolerance
    • No bruising after treatment
    • No medical license needed to operate
    • Fast and Easy to apply
    • High profit service in High demand


    Buying Fillers in Australia

    Under current Australian law all fillers are classified as a schedule 4 drug. This means that in order to purchase fillers you need a prescription from a doctor. It is uncertain if this law will change in Australia to suit international standards or not.

    In the USA and European countries there is no prescription required to purchase fillers. I have made several enquiries with the TGA and practicing plastic surgeons to clarify the future of filler use in Australia but have not received a clear answer at this time.

    Source : TGA legislation and guidelines 2019


    Results last between 1-4 months depending on your clients lifestyle. Hyaluronic filler is hydrophilic which means that the more water that your client consumes the plumper and fuller their lips will look and the longer the fillers effects will last. As with any treatment the better the client looks after their body – the better the treatment results will be.

    Want to learn more? Check out COURSE 8 : Hyaluron Pen for course information and pricing.

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