Lip blush and Lip Tattooing

What is the difference between lip blush and lip tattooing?


Have you been wondering what the difference is between the trendy new lip blush treatment and the more traditional lip tattoo. You might be surprised to learn the answer is not much at all.

Both lip blush and lip tattooing refer to the process of using a machine with needles to implant pigment under the skin of the lips. 

Both lip blush and lip tattooing start with a thorough consultation with the client to discuss the clients expectations, objectives of the treatment, and the process of the treatment. After the consultation process, a colour is selected for the client. 

Unlike more traditional lip tattooing, lip blushing has a focus on providing a more subtle colour enhancement. Often nudes, and soft pinks are used to best match the clients darkest natural lip colour. Traditional lip tattooing is more likely to include the use of bold vibrant colours, or may even use a custom mixed shade to match the clients favourite lipstick. Lip blush may also employ a watercolour effect, which is when the pigment is watered down with a diluent, to create a result that is closer to a sheer lipstick. slot88

Once the colour has been selected, the artist will predraw the shape of the lip design. This usually takes some time as it’s vital to ensure that the shape is symmetrical and suits the clients lip structure. Pre drawing for lip blush is exactly the same as pre-drawing if for lip tattooing. The artist must follow the clients natural vermillion border of the lip, with 1-2mm give or take for shape correction. It’s important never to overdraw the lips or the client will end up with an unflattering and unnatural result. The end result of lip colour is a combination of the natural skin colour, and the colour of the pigment used. Because the lip skin is a different colour to the skin of the face, overdrawing the lips can end up with two different shades once healed. If you want to learn more about colour theory for lip blush and lip tattooing you can check out our new Colour Theory for Cosmetic Tattooing online course –  available soon.

Another reason why it’s so important not to overdraw the lips is that the profile silhouette of the clients lips can make the overdraw very obvious. No two clients will have the same lip profile, and it’s vital to understand how to work with each clients lips, to maximise the appearance of the lips, while maintaining as realistic a result as possible. Our Lip Tattooing Course covers all aspects of lip profiles, and the limits of overdrawing lip shapes. Sometimes lip filler can make it difficult to identify the correct outline, especially if the clients filler has been incorrectly placed, overfilled, or has migrated over time.

The below image is a good example of why overlining a lip tattoo is not a good idea. You can see the light is bouncing off of the natural lipline, making it very obvious where the tattoo ink has been placed outside of the natural lip shape.

Lip Blush and Lip Tattooing


After the predraw the process for both lip blushing and lip tattooing is pretty much the same. The artist will use a tattoo machine to first outline the lip shape, and then work from the outside in, to fill in the rest of the lip. Lip blushing may be less saturated in pigment than lip tattooing, making it a faster process, with less passes of the tattoo device over the lips. bonus new member

The other difference between lip blush and lip tattooing is that lip tattooing will have a more defined outline around the lips, similar to when you apply a lip liner pencil, before applying your lipstick. By comparison, lip blush will have a more subtle and natural looking lip line. There are different techniques that the artist can use to determine how defined the outline is, including the needle configuration, machine speed, number of passes, and the implantation technique used (linework, stippling, stamping etc). rtp slot


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Lip Blush

Lip blush and lip tattooing

Lip Tattoo

Lip Blush and Lip Tattooing

In conclusion the difference in application between lip blushing and lip tattooing is subtle but the resulting visual difference is quite clear. A well trained cosmetic tattoo artist will be able to offer both styles of lip tattoo, and can suggest which style will be best suited to their clients lifestyle, and desired outcome. Its important to have a thorough consultation with your artist to discuss all your expectations to ensure you end up with lips that you love for years to come!



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Tegan Naderi is a long-time team member of SCHB and is mentored by Zara. She is a cosmetic tattoo artist and owner of VIP Brows, specialising in machine hair stroke tattooing. Tegan is also one of the cosmetic tattoo trainers and the SCHB online course creator.

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