Inkless Stretch Mark Removal is here! 

Hottest New Treatment in 2024

Have you been looking for a niche service for your salon? Something that will blow away the competition? How about a treatment that is suitable for 90% of your target consumers? Well, stop looking right here.

Introducing Inkless Stretch Mark Removal. ISR (Inkless Stretch Mark Removal) is a non-invasive skin treatment that repairs skin texture and colour. It is suitable for both scars and stretch marks anywhere on the body. And if that isn’t good enough already – the results from Inkless Stretch Mark Removal are PERMANENT!

Inkless Stretch Mark removal is brand new to the market, meaning no one is providing it yet. There is a business opportunity to establish yourself as the first – and only – provider of this amazing new treatment. Don’t wait until Laser Clinics are offering it – become a master of the technique and corner the market for Stretch Mark Removal.

What is Inkless Stretch Mark Removal?

Inkless Stretch mark Removal is a non-invasive skin treatment used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by stimulating the skin to repair itself and restore its own natural colour. Unlike traditional scar camouflage or stretch mark camouflage tattooing – there is no pigment implanted in the skin. Instead of using pigments, a special serum that contains customized vitamins is used in its place. The serum is absorbed by the skin cells. At the same time, the microneedles used will stimulate collagen growth and restore texture.

Inkless Stretch Mark Removal
Inkless Stretch Mark Removal

What Makes ISR so Awesome?

I could waffle on for paragraphs about why inkiness stretch mark removal is so awesome, but Instead, I will keep it simple for you to weigh up all the pro’s and con’s …. Wait.. there aren’t any cons!

  • Results from inkless stretch mark removal are PERMANENT
  • It’s safe – safer than traditional skin camouflage techniques
  • You can treat scars and stretch marks on any area of the body
  • Did I mention that results are PERMANENT?
  • Serum contains no colourings, pigments, metals, or common potential allergens
  • ISR is more effective than any other stretch mark treatment available
  • Suitable for any skin colour
  • Achieves 50-100% improvement in just ONE treatment
  • Seriously… PERMANENT

Why Should I Offer It:

  • It’s an amazing treatment that every woman who worries about her skin will want.
  • No one else is offering it yet – giving you an amazing business opportunity
  • You will attract new clients by offering a desirable treatment that no one else is
  • Work fewer hours – earn more money

How Much Can I Earn?

Treatments start from about $500 per treatment area – depending on the size of the treatment area. The income potential from such an untapped market and such a common skin concern is a unique opportunity to grow your business.

Don’t I need an expensive machine?

Lucky for you, if you enrol into our new Inkless Stretch Mark Removal Course NOW – you can take advantage of our special introductory offer and claim a FREE DEVICE with your training.

NEW -Inkless Stretch Mark Removal Course

Enrol into the ISR course now and invest in your future potential. Start earning more in 2024 with our Inkless Stretchmark Removal Course.

Got a question? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer you!

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Tegan Naderi is a long-time team member of SCHB and is mentored by Zara. She is a cosmetic tattoo artist and owner of VIP Brows, specialising in machine hair stroke tattooing. Tegan is also one of the cosmetic tattoo trainers and the SCHB online course creator.

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